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Design and shape the world: careers in structural engineering

Have you ever wondered who makes buildings look beautiful and stand strong? You might be surprised to hear that structural engineers work closely with architects to make amazing structures, from stunning staircases to soaring skyscrapers.

Structural engineers make sure buildings and bridges are stable and strong enough to withstand natural forces like hurricanes and earthquakes…they’re the guardians of public safety.

If you like maths, science, design or art, structural engineering could be a challenging and rewarding career for you.

Tell me how to become a structural engineer

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Why become a structural engineer:

Watch videos of three people explaining their passion for structural engineering as a profession.

Student Member, Matthew, is currently on his placement year for a world leading engineering firm. He explains what attracted him to study structural engineering at university and what working as a structural engineer is like. Discover Student Membership.


Recent Chartered Member Rebecca travelled to Guatemala within a few months of graduating, to help build houses for families who had lost their homes during an earthquake. She explains how combining architecture and structural engineering has led to many opportunities and why a career in structural engineering is so rewarding.  Discover Graduate Membership.


Poppy talks about how a career in structural engineering can lead to worldwide opportunities as well as working on projects directly impacting her local community. Discover Technician Membership.

What is structural engineering?


Our video explains the astonishing range of structural engineering, and the role of structural engineers as innovative, creative problem solvers and the guardians of public safety.

You can also learn more about engineering careers at #thisisengineering.


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